About the Future

Well hello there. I see you’ve found me, so let’s discuss why I’m here. The Future is my personal documentation of the way social media is molding the business model and how it will continue to do so as time moves forward and internet use evolves. I am based in Morgantown, WV, so while this trend encroaches on businesses and social media home pages worldwide, our focus will be on this beautiful, mountainous, small college town hidden among the burning couches and high-spirited chants supporting our Mountaineers. Morgantown is filled with millennials traveling here to make their mark. Very often, that mark is exposed to us via social media as we journey through the domains of our peers. It didn’t take long for local businesses to catch on: the way to reach our technology-driven dynamism was to catch us with our guards down: scrolling through our Twitter and Facebook timelines. We are drawn in with promises of free burgers and shakes from the beloved Tailpipes, Casa d’Amici dangling photos of garlic knots that make our mouths water, and Buffalo Wild Wings enticing us with their combination of wing night and Monday Night Football. On a wider, less specific grid – Dominos figured this trend out really quick. With the allowance of us ordering by simply texting a pizza emoji, they have taken any difficulty or time out of ordering a meal. With ease comes consistency, and they have us on a hook. This series promises to prove to you that social media isn’t making our generation devoid of communication; it has taken on a whole new purpose when it comes to businesses, and the change is unbelievable.


I’m Angie, and I’m thrilled to see you’ve stumbled upon my own little world here hidden among the vast interweb. I’m a 21-year-old senior at West Virginia University where I spend my time cheering on the Mountaineers and doing my best to figure out what I’m going to do with my life – your typical college student faced with mere months until her whole world changes. I am an active user of social media, and I have heard all the negativity surrounding its use. I feel it’s important to share the changes that have come about through the development of these sites, the way it has shaped journalism and allowed us to connect with people we never would have imagined. I’m an opportunist about the direction social media is taking us and businesses alike, and I’m going to set out to convert you, too.

Welcome to the future.

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