Six Tools for Effective SM Marketing

For the past few months, there have been varying posts discussing the importance of social media marketing, the downfalls, and the ways to increase your ROI (return on investment). It’s come time to begin to summarize everything we’ve learned together over those months.

There are six tools that are essential to social media marketing success. Facebook and Twitter undoubtedly make the list. Twitter has developed since its creation, and it’s become one of the absolute most popular social media sites. Businesses have turned their attention towards it, customers, and just day-to-day users. There’s an audience. A great aspect of Twitter is its utilization of hashtags. They allow for a brand to make their own trend, to start something that will grow. Nike is known for this, and one of their most popular “hashtag campaigns” was their #MakeItCount campaign.

Facebook is a great place for marketing as well. You can create pages with followers, and there isn’t as much going on on a user’s timeline as there is with Twitter. A typical issue that is becoming far too common however? Social media algorithms that are changing the way we keep up with friends. The sites determine who they think we’d like to see information and photos from, rather than showing us the most recent. So unless you have quite a following, this can be problematic.

The other important tools for effective social media marketing are images (ESSENTIAL! You need to give your fans a face! Some color! Some graphics!), content, building a community, and starting a campaign.

It’s going to take a lot of work! But if you’ve learned alongside me these past months, you’re on your way to success!


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