Social Media Examiner hosts annual convention

Earlier this week the annual event Social Media Marketing World – hosted by a site I reference often, the Social Media Examiner, was held in San Diego.

Some of the brightest minds in technology and social media join together to make predictions about what’s to come. They created a list of the “next big things” for 2016:


According to the event’s keynote speaker Mike Stelzner, founder of the Social Media Examiner, the following statistics will apply to video in 2016:

  • 58% of marketers will seek to improve YouTube knowledge
  • 73% will increase their use of video
  • 21% claim it’s the most important form of marketing today

There was also talk that Facebook is going to lead the social media world, and Snapchat is becoming increasingly popular. In fact, at this year’s event, many speakers used their Snapchat avatars to introduce themselves, according to

Every week another article is written about the increasing popularity and importance of social media marketing, so it’s important to have a few tips to make sure you’re on top of your game:

  1. You need to come up with a theme for your online persona.
  2. Role-play: come up with a controversial social media post and go over it with a friend, seeing how they react and what they’d suggest doing differently.
  3. Analyze competitors’ posts to see how you can improve your own.
  4. Similar to role-playing, come up with a “mock disaster” and see how it’s handled.



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