Marketing agency rolls out social media branch

Marketing agencies are having to grow and develop with the always-changing marketing world. Epic Design Labs in Portland, Oregon is ahead of the herd as they incorporate social media marketing services, thus becoming an “all inclusive marketing agency.”

The company claims this now allows them to better help their clients build a marketable website “from start to finish.”

“We specialize in effective web design and e-commerce. We help you with all aspects of your online marketing, including web design, search engine optimization, branding, video and now also social media design. We want to set ourselves apart as a one-stop shop for all digital marketing needs, and we’re happy to see how much support we are already getting from our clients.” – Kalon Wiggins of Epic Design Labs

Interestingly enough, one of the company’s “specialized knowledge and skills” is actually WordPress, and they claim to have trained themselves on every aspect of social media marketing so as to better assist their clients. This is a step that all marketing agencies are going to eventually need to make, especially in this technology-based, millennial-driven world. There are a few other start-up companies taking advantage of this, such as Firebelly, which focuses more on social media than any other aspect of marketing.


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