Social media courses now offered

Social media marketing has become so widely popular that there are now courses being offered to teach entrepreneurs the ropes to this new strategy. In Laconia, New Hampshire, an eight week course is being offered for a little over $600 that teaches the skills needed to maintain an online presence while marketing via social media. Although marketing via the internet is gaining so much attention, not everyone believes it’s for the best. In fact, according to Blasting News, marketing on social media can actually cost more than it’s worth. At some point or another all companies online will typically purchase advertisements, but according to the site, ads on social media can be quite pricey.

They explain the importance of understanding how ads work varying sites, such as Twitter and Facebook. On Twitter, it’s common for an ad to only last eight minutes before a user moves on in their scroll of the timeline. Their biggest suggestion is to eliminate the outsourcing and to do the research and work yourself. Marketing is a beast on its own, and now we’re having to understand the ins and outs of social media at the same time. Is it going to be worth it?


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