Social media promotion done right


Alas St. Patty’s day is upon us! And the downtown businesses here in Morgantown aren’t being shy about it on social media. This is when they shine: the busiest drinking day of the year. Establishments such as Fat Daddy’s are notorious for social media promotion, but nothing can top the traffic they receive during the week of St. Patty’s. Students plan out their St. Patrick’s Day festivities for days, trying to figure out where to spend their money and time as the day approaches.

What better way to urge them to spend that money (and time) at your place of business than to ruthlessly promote yourself on Twitter? To make sure you are continuously being talked about as the day gets closer? There isn’t one, and Fat Daddy’s has mastered it. They began promoting three days ago, and they haven’t stopped. Take a look, but be prepared for a ruthless amount of brilliant self promotion.

The math is what makes social media marketing really incredible. These tweets are all making “impressions,” which in Twitter-speak means they are being seen and scrolled past by a follower on a time line. In Fat Daddy’s case, they have almost 10k followers. For every retweet they get, the tweet gains impressions on a new time line. And the pattern continues. A single tweet could be seen thousands and thousands of times – thousands and thousands of people that are beginning to only associate St. Patty’s Day with Fat Daddy’s. Who knows, maybe they’ll start calling it St. Daddy’s Day ….or, well, maybe not.

This can get risky, however. According to Brandon Gaille, self-proclaimed marketing expert and blog master, one of the top reasons accounts get unfollowed on Twitter is because of their constant self-promotion. You have to be able to master it, like an art. Promoting at this rate may work for a big holiday when it’s essential to be noticed, however on a typical weekend it would likely draw attention away  from your account. So be careful!

Alright folks, that’s it from me – enjoy your day full of green!



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