Audience Engagement is Dropping

According to a recent report, although social media marketing is becoming increasingly common, the traffic drawn from the marketing is dropping drastically.

Social site Buffer lost nearly half of its social media traffic within a year.

The worst part? Companies are creating more stuff than ever. They’re investing in social, they believe in content, but they’re seeing less ROI (return on investment) from more effort.

We’re in the midst of an engagement crisis, because the number of channels is growing, but marketers are doing the same thing as before. And it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

– Blaise Lucey

According to Lucey, the biggest issue now, and the culprit behind the dropping engagement among followers/friends, is that most social networking sites are now requiring paid advertisement. Another factor? Everything is developing so quickly. Instagram has surpassed Twitter in popularity. Snapchat is gaining attention and users like wildfire.

The biggest weakness in digital marketing today is not the failure to adapt to a changing landscape; it’s the failure to realize that the landscape is never going to stop changing.

– Lucey

The environment is changing, and although companies have continued to adapt throughout the process of social media’s birth, they must continue to adapt yet. Even online dating sites are getting more attention, and in return, most likely more marketers.

I’ve shown a lot of ways to market on social media, but it’s important to also realize that it’s an ever-growing market, and that the methods will continue to change and improve.


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