Triumph with Tumblr

As we come to the end of this series, there is one final platform I’d like to address: Tumblr. Born in 2007, Tumblr’s popularity has only increased over the past nine years. In fact as of 2013, 120,000 new blogs were being posted every day.

Marketing on Tumblr isn’t going to work for every business, however. The most common types of businesses that seek attention from Tumblr are the fashion industry, large websites, and publishing/broadcasting media due to Tumblr’s set up being more visual, more photo based, than word based.

Companies such as the Boston Globe, CNET, Elle Magazine, Glamour, the Huffington Post, IBM, J. Crew, and Vimeo are all making a big splash on Tumblr, according to the Social Media Examiner. But what are they doing that’s so great?

As with any social media site, you need to figure out who your audience is. You need to be able to target them and appeal to them.

But first? You need to come up with an excellent, and oftentimes witty, Tumblr username.

Next, you need to find your ‘niche’ and focus on it. Not everything on Tumblr needs to be funny. You may even stand out if you stray from the norm.

The Content Writer even suggests running Tumblr deals.

Tumblr may not be as popular to you as Facebook or Twitter, but with hundreds of millions of users, 65% of which have a college degree, it’s not a bad place to try and draw some traffic.


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