Go Viral with Vine

First impressions are everything, and they happen in a matter of seconds. In fact, in the first 30 seconds of a job interview, the employer has generally also decided whether or not they like you. 30 seconds to sell yourself. 30 seconds.

That sounds short, right? So what if I told you that you had to sell yourself in SIX seconds? Could you do it? That’s just what marketers on Vine have to do. Vine is a social media site that allows the user to post 6-second videos. Six. Seconds. How do you get someone to listen in a period of time that you can hardly say your name and title?

It can be done, just like it can be done in 140 characters, but it’s hard and I don’t think many brands have the formula yet. – Thomas Messett

Messett is the head of digital marketing for Nokia Europe. Even though it’s possible, like all things there are some essential tips / rules to follow, according to Social Times on Ad Week, such :

  1. Lead By Example. Using humor and science is one way to really draw in attention. Everyone loves to laugh, and everyone loves to be mind-blown. So use these two as part of your algorithm to success.
  2. Use those six seconds to anchor your video to a more cultural or narrative reference point

Fast company had some suggestions of their own:

  1. Remember it’s only 6 seconds, so don’t try to fit too much information in
  2. Use Vine’s stop-motion effects
  3. Use hashtags
  4. Wait until you love it to post it – you can’t edit it once it’s been published!
  5. Share it as widely as possible

Check out some examples of really well done vine marketing campaigns!



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