Snap Your Way to Success

As a millennial, I no doubt use Snapchat regularly. There are very few of you who do not  know what this wildly explosive and popular program is. Snapchat is different from other social media sites; you cannot write infinite amounts of information, information is not displayed for longer than 10 seconds total, and posted information such as photos or videos are not saved on a “profile” like most accounts. With Snapchat, a photo or video is sent to a specific group of people or can be posted on your story, however it does not remain there indefinitely. Snapchat is also not a site you can login to on your desktop or web browser. It is an app that is designed to be downloaded on mobile devices.

So how can we market on something that inevitably disappears?

Well, as Snapchat popularity is rising at a wild speed, sources are beginning to establish ways that a company could take advantage of this success and indulge in a little success of their own.

Well renowned business and finance site Forbes encourages marketers to understand the use of the app, the casual essence of it. People typically don’t use Snapchat to document professional aspects of their lives. The most typical things you’ll see are food, pets, and selfies (that’s definitely what mine consists of). So going forward, you need to understand its basic concepts and uses.

Forbes also encourages utilizing Snapchat’s time restriction for your benefit; tease your audience with trailers and the like; leave them wanting more. This draws them in, grabs their attention.

The majority of Snapchat’s users (71%) are between the ages of 18-34, and get this: with over 100 million users on this rapidly growing app, 400 million  snaps are sent per day (we all know that one person who probably contributes to a fair portion of that amount).

The Social Media Examiner recommends providing access to live events. This is a huge benefit of one of Snapchat’s latest features: stories. While the duration per snap cannot exceed 10 seconds, the story itself can consist of as many snaps are you want and can be watched repeatedly for a maximum of 24 hours.

Live events often trend on Snapchat, such as the 2016 Presidential Campaign caucuses that are ongoing and shows such as the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Follow their lead! Document your events! Similarly, taking people “behind the curtain” really grabs their attention. For example, during the Grammy’s and shows alike, we get up-close videos from celebrities and stars that we follow. It personalizes them in a way we haven’t really seen thus far with social media.

It’s still developing, but over the past few years Snapchat has really blown up to become one of the most widely used social media sites. I would suggest adding this to your array of platforms, and have fun with it! I know it’s personally my favorite form of social media to use. It’s unique, and it’s such a blast. It allows for creativity in a way other sites/apps don’t, and I love that.


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