Pinning Potential

Let’s keep the trend rolling, shall we? There’s another platform I’d like to discuss that is valuable for social media marketing, however it’s not really one you would have thought of.


How many of us spend our late nights scrolling through this wildly addictive site rather than catching some Zzz’s? If you’re a woman ages 12-99 the chances are you’re guilty of this. If you’re a man who scrolls through Pinterest, well, I am impressed by you.

But how can we market  on Pinterest? There’s actually more tips on this than you would expect. In fact, Copy Blogger gives 56 ways!

The post explains that part of the appeal of Pinterest is the beautiful layout of the site (which should show you that design really does matter! In yesterday’s YouTube YourSelf post I mentioned decorating your channel to be a ‘destination location’ — it really makes a difference!)

Some tips to market on this lovely pinboard include posting your brand name and a paragraph about you and/or your company. While this seems obvious, it is still essential to mention. Adding to the seemingly-obvious tips that you may overlook: add your URL! Make sure Pinterest surfers can make their way out of their creative haze to your website in a single click.

Comment. Comment comment comment.

First of all, everyone loves feedback. Everyone likes to know if they’re being well-received. Additionally, users will be so excited you commented they will often click on your username and make their way to your page to check it out. If that page has become a ‘destination location’ and your company’s information is all posted? You’re in.

As you become more experienced with Pinterest, Copy Blogger suggests sharing your pins on your WordPress account. They also suggest creating a board that tells the story of your company and discusses your values. When you hear a “how we got our start” story, it gives the impression of starting from nothing and making it to the big leagues — and who doesn’t love a true underdog story?

The Social Media Examiner also noticed Pinterest’s potential. They suggest intermingling your accounts as well – tweet about your Pinterest account 2-3 times a week, share it on Facebook at least once every 1-2 weeks. This ties back to what we’ve discussed more than once over the past few weeks: you need to have social media accounts all across the board. Each account has the potential to reach a different audience.

Why not make as big of a splash as you can?


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