YouTube YourSelf

When it comes to trying to reach an audience, there’s a lot of competition. However, another platform that reaches a mind-blowing amount of people each day is YouTube. Take a look at these statistics, and if they don’t blow your mind then you’re far too hard to impress:

  • 3+ billion videos are viewed each day
  • 35 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every single minute
    • That’s two-weeks worth of videos to watch…per minute
  • As of 2011, video-viewing had gone up 35% from the previous year. Can you imagine what that number is now?
  • On average, a video that is shared via tweet generates six new views of that video: there are nearly 500 videos shared via tweet per minute – 3,000 new views every sixty seconds!

Those numbers are mind boggling! There are millions upon millions of people using YouTube on a daily basis. While that allows for a wider potential audience, it also increases the probability that your video will get lost among the cat videos (there are over two million of these, with more than 25 billion views…I am not kidding) is rather high. The way around this? Make yourself stand out.

One of the biggest issues new YouTube marketers run into is their desire to become viral. According to the Marketing Donut, YouTube allows for a unique opportunity to appeal directly to your customer base, rather than an international audience that your brand does not appeal towards. Luke Clum feels that the harder you try to make a viral video, the less authentic it is going to feel for you customers.

Once we surpass this major issue, how is YouTube so helpful and why should you take the time to market on its vast platform?

When I think of advertising, the very first thought that comes to my mind is television commercials. While advertising takes place across the board, TV ads are among the most popular – or at least they used to be. In 2011 when internet video usage jumped 35%, television viewing only increased by 0.2%.

Think of Jimmy Fallon‘s the Tonight Show for instance. Wildly popular. Clips from his show are also among the top videos on YouTube. I personally don’t sit at my TV and watch an entire episode; I prefer to watch the funny clips on YouTube. In doing that, I am missing all of the commercials and advertisements I would see if I had watched it (unless, of course, it’s been DVR’ed and the commercials are being fast-forwarded through – but that’s another problem for another time). The internet is taking over, and it’s wise to get ahead or at least get on board. Your revenues will thank you.

The Social Media Examiner recommends a few ways to join this money-making trend.

  1. Make sure your videos are compelling, something that addresses your specific audience’s needs.
  2. Don’t overlook the fact that Google owns YouTube – make your videos findable! Having your video pop up on Google’s search engine page is a great way to leap ahead of your competition. You can do this by focusing on the title, description, and tags. To find out the specifics, check it out here!
  3. Turn your YouTube channel (your home page) into a “destination” location by customizing and catering your page to fit your business.

Those are only a few among the vast suggestions provided. I mentioned this a few weeks ago: make yourself active on all types of platforms! You want to reach as many people as possible, and not everyone is using the same form of social media.

Good luck!



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