I have talked a lot the last few weeks about social media in relation to marketing, and most of those discussions have centered around Twitter. I don’t want to convey that Twitter is the only beneficial form of marketing on the world wide social media-sphere. Depending on what you are marketing and the types of crowds you are trying to reach, switching up your platform can be really beneficial.

Instagram is an often-overlooked platform for getting your brand out there. Unlike Twitter, the sole purpose of Instagram is photo publishing. Over 70 million photos and videos are posted each day on the wildly-growing site which has more than 300 million users: a larger audience than Twitter has.

The cool thing about Instagram is that many users scroll through it right when they wake up; I’m also guilty as charged. It serves as a sort of newspaper for the morning, scrolling through to see what all happened the day and night before. What better way to advertise for your business than to catch us fresh in the morning? When nothing else has begun to distract us through our day? We are open-minded and apparently have a few minutes to kill. So charm us. Blow our minds. Entice us.

But that’s the problem, isn’t it? if you’re going to market on a site such as Instagram, with it’s 300 million users, you have  to stand out. You have to know which types of demographics you are trying to reach, and then you have to really catch our attention. So how are you going to do that?

Word Stream made it a point to illustrate just how to reach this ever-so-desired audience.

Tip #1 is to come up with a hashtag that is going to be your’s and your’s alone. A hashtag that makes people think of you. A slogan, per say. Nike’s #ChooseYourWinter or Infatuation’s EEEEEATS are great examples.

They also suggest partnering with an organization who’s values you share, and they stress “NO over-posting.”

The Social Media Examiner swings in to give some photography advice to start: shoot square. If your photos aren’t any good, no one is going to take the time to go to your photo-sharing site. It’s as simple as that. The most-often reason I go to a particular Instagram account’s page is because a photo has really caught my eye and I want to see more. I don’t click on an account when I see a poor photo. Humans value their time too much to waste it looking at things they don’t find appealing.

The site also suggests you take advantage of trending topics. This is brilliant. I often find myself clicking the explore button to scroll through what’s trending. It’s a great way to find new places and for new places to find you.

There are so many ways to get yourself out there, so take the time to learn the best ways of approaching these different platforms. It’ll pay off in the long run.


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