I’m not alone

Now I may feel passionately about social media’s positive influences, but thankfully I’m not the only one. There are many blogs that aim to educate us on the good these sites can do, and I have my own personal favorites.

The first of these blogs describes six ways that businesses can utilize Twitter as a tool to drive up sales. The blog reiterates what I believe, that “Twitter is a near necessity in their marketing plan.” The author explains that before even delving into the tips, it is important to first understand Twitter etiquette, such as tweeting on a regular basis rather than once per month. It is important to stay on top of your account. I can personally attest to visiting a business’s Twitter account, noticing they haven’t tweeted in a month or more, and just leaving the site without reading any farther. It is also important to engage back with those who take the time to message you, rather than only promoting. Feel free to click the link above to delve more into these six tips.

Jenn Herman swung in for the win to discuss her 16 ways to dominate 2016 when it comes to social media. “Is social media going to be the silver bullet that rockets you to success this year too?” she asks. “To be honest. Probably not. Most likely not.” To help you try to get there, though, she provides tips including setting up a strategy, targeting your ideal customer, running contests, and sharing your own personal stories.

Alex D’Amore wrote a great piece explaining the importance of developing a voice through collective consciousness to help increase your following and connections for 2016. “No matter what we’re saying, we’re adding to and consuming from the collective consciousness. The sooner we acknowledge and harness this ability the more we’ll grow both as marketers and as people,” D’Amore explained.

I use Twitter as my most common example, however all social media platforms help businesses grow and reach an audience, especially Facebook. Rebekah Radice reached out to explain how a well-developed Facebook cover can do wonders for a business. She suggests doing things such as branding, featuring a fan of the day, promoting an upcoming event, and even celebrating the holidays.

Having the right social media strategy is also a major key in promotion. This blog suggests making adjustments such as determining which platforms to use, outlining the types of content to produce, creating a posting schedule, and defining a brand voice. Even developing a crisis management plan is among the suggestions.

Cynthia Johnson acknowledges that social media is often overlooked when it comes to marketing. She recommends keeping a content calendar, being proactive about your brand reputation, and building brand awareness.

This blogger just calls it like it is: social media marketers are smart  marketers. She advertises 21 different social media tools that she favors when it comes to social media marketing. “Having the right social media tools can make your life easier. Fortunately, there are dozens of cool tools, and most are aimed at earning time back in your day,” she writes.

There are a multitude of ways to use social media to help improve sales. This blogger gives us 33 of those ways. She says to “give before you receive” – post valuable content in your posts before expecting to receive any results. One of my favorite tips was to make a list of keywords or hashtags that relate to your business to engage with your audience. Hashtags go viral; it could have a real impact.

Kristina Cisnero understands that there are skeptics, so she provides us with the benefits of social media. She explains that it is an easy way to learn about your audience, allows for instant feedback from a customer’s perspective, and creates meaningful relationships with your customers.

I can’t be totally bias; there may be a few things that social media can’t do for your business. This blogger says there are three things it simply won’t be able to help with:

  1. Social media marketing will not turn you into an overnight success
  2. It will not guarantee sales
  3. It will not fix a bad reputation or product

Could we really have expected it to do any of the above anyway? Let’s be serious.

While I have drawn my inspiration from all around the interweb, these articles and bloggers have a real passion that excites me. Happy linking!


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