The storm has arrived

Alas snowstorm Jonas is on its way, leaving us with nothing to do this weekend besides curl up on the couch, watch our favorite movies, and play on our computers. (Until, that is, the power goes out and we are left twiddling our thumbs and playing card games by candle light).

What happens when the phone lines go down? When our wi-fi is out? When we need to know if X-shop is closed? That’s when we can thank social media for giving businesses the chance to tell us. Thanks to our cell phones, we are still able to post and check online – and so are businesses. If you get stranded and need to know if there’s a place near you to go? Just check online. Need a safe haven, warm place to get out of the cold? Maybe, just maybe, that coffee shop you love that just so happens to be near your broken-down car is open. How will you know? Just check online.

I will be posting updates throughout the weekend about the storm – everyone sit tight. For now, we must prepare.


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